Monday, January 23, 2006


Yes indeed, here we are.

We're 10 1/2 months out from Election Day and I don't have much hope. The Dems are anything but unified and there is no coherent message. All they do is respond to Republican talking points instead of making some of their own. You want to know how bad it is? Just look at Gord's post below this one:

...For the love of God, you are being compared to Osama bin Laden all over network television because some within your ranks have had the courage to question the war in Iraq. It hasn't been subtle. Bin Laden, according to the right-wing talking heads, is getting his talking points straight from Howard Dean...

And you let this fly? Ask what happened to the last guy who called me a Nazi just because I was of German descent. This is unconscionable. What's even more unconscionable is Barack Obama, sitting there and letting Tim Russert link the Dems to Harry Belafonte, a question Timmy would never have asked a white man. The brothers I know would have told Russert that just because Belafonte is black, doesn't mean he speaks for the Democratic Party (not that I believe what Ol' Harry said was wrong). Ol' Barack just sat there and caved. Real good. Does Timmy saddle the Repubs with Pat Robertson's statements? Or Jerry Falwell's? Of course not. Carville and Begala, sitting there on either side of Mary Matalin in what should be positions of power were made to look like wimps, like two little boys who got in trouble with the teacher. Personally, if my wife held such differing ideology, she wouldn't be my wife anymore, wouldn't have been my wife in the first place.

When Howard Dean calls it like it is, how many Dems run and hide instead of backing him up? We have idiots like Lieberman and Nelson, who suck up to the Repubs at every turn, just to protect their own positions. Ask the French what they did to collaborators after World War Two.

And then we have Hillary Clinton, the person who was most harmed by the Repub juggernaut, and by rights should be the loudest voice against them, who changes her tune as the direction of the political wind turns. I guess I shouldn't be surprised she didn't divorce Bill either, since her principles come and go depending on whether it's politically expedient to have them.

Then there's Harry Reid, a guy who talks a very good line but backs down when it counts. Nice set o' raisins. Harry, if they draft both of us and send us to Iraq, and if you have the misfortune to share a fighting hole with me, be prepared. I'm gonna kill you first before I engage the enemy. You're useless, dead weight, and you'd probably run when shit got hairy anyway. We need a guy who'll stand up in the teeth of it, not run as soon as the lead starts flying. You've proven you ain't it.

So, I ask the Dems, do you actually think you're gonna win anything in November? Do you actually think there will be any change in the status quo at this time next year? At the rate you're going, the future looks dismal. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Yes, I'll support you this year but this is the end. Starting this fall, if you don't get your collective act together, I'm going to start working on the 3rd Party angle. By golly, I'm gonna find people to run, give 'em money if I have to; regular folks like me who feel they aren't being represented by the inept fools in the Democratic Party and the criminals in the Republican, and aren't in somebody's pocket. Maybe I'll run for something myself, who knows, but my support for the Dems has limits and I've about reached it.

You see, ladies and germs, I've had enough. I'm not afraid of the government, nor the Republicans, and I'm certainly not afraid of George W. Bush. Any time you want to try and silence me, you know where to find me. Take your best shot, but I'm gonna take a bunch of you with me when I go. I've never been afraid to die for my country and if it takes revolution to put this once-great nation on the right track, then so be it. If it takes storming the gates, then so be it as well. I'm willing to be the first over the top if that's what it takes.

I refuse to have my nation sold, stolen, or given away. I refuse to have rich assholes destroy what a group of men who stood up to the British Empire have built. I am an American, goddammit, and America is a nation of, by, and for the people, not some privileged fools who would squander our birthright for profit, and I will protect our way of life until my last breath. I took an oath to that effect almost 26 years ago and I still honor it. If the Demoratic Party can't do it, I will.

Are you with me?

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