Saturday, January 28, 2006


I can't stand Oprah Winfrey. I laughed my ass off when she allowed herself to be blinded by bucks (or power) when she decided to turn James Frey's book into a national bestseller. To me, Oprah is just a whore who has made a decent living off other people's misery.

That said, I appreciate the fact she actually stood up and exposed this guy and her own failings in the matter. I won't judge her motivations. The only reason I give Oprah a mention at all on this blog is because as a writer I feel I have to say something about the whole situation. It is this:

If you're writing non-fiction you have an obligation to your readers to tell the complete truth, period. If you can't fulfill that obligation, you must make that disclaimer. The truth is not to be embellished in the name of better sales figures.

There's a lot of truth in the crap I write, but it is pure fiction and fantasy and to call it anything other is to be disingenuous to my readers and myself.

Maureen Dowd has more thoughts along those lines.

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