Friday, January 27, 2006

Who Was Abramoff Really Working For?

A reader writes some food for thought at BuzzFlash:

by Shirley Smith

Bush is going to tell about his meetings with Abramoff? Judging from the facts that Abramoff had a long-term association with Rove ... it's more of a question of what Abramoff was doing for Bush and Rove than what was he trying to influence them to do. Bush doesn't listen to anyone and neither does Rove ... others take orders from them. These two, Rove and Bush, are the whole GOP show. The rest are only puppets.

Mr. Abramoff's Meetings (Washington Post Editorial)

The Bush White House is not one to stand up against any criminals and their shady deals. The fake new reporter, but real male prostitute, was given special treatment by Bush. Reporters paid by Bush to write positive columns about him ... the outing of the CIA agent (that ruined 20 years of work tracking terrorists). Bush's own treasonous actions before and after 911 ... what does it take to charge Bush and his administration with treason ... a murder in daylight ... about tens of thousands?

Abramoff's visits were probably to report instead of request.

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith

Makes sense in light of the fact that the FBI has said they consider Abramoff a "mid-level" operative.

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