Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Can't they get anything right? They had this case down; Moussalaoui was 'dead man walking'. They could have got this guy ritual colonoscopies for the rest of his life, had his arm ripped off and had him beaten to death with it, but they still couldn't leave well enough alone. The 'Culture of Corruption' raises it's ugly head again.

If their fuckups wouldn't be so serious, this government's actions would be comical. We could play a game; 'Let's See What They Fuck Up Next', make a weekly series out of it maybe? These clowns couldn't play by the rules, even if it was in their best interests. Fortunately, shit like this just adds ammo in our pile come November.

Speaking of November. Connecticut women, please get Holy Joe out of there. Ned Lamont is one of those candidates who will get a contribution from me.

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