Sunday, March 12, 2006


Michael Gordon of the NYT and General Bernard Trainor (USMC Ret.) on Press the Meat with Timmy shilling their book about Iraq. The overwheling reason why I won't read it. Bernie Trainor to Timmy:

No one knew [in 2003] we'd be bogged down this long in Iraq.

I knew it, you fucking dickhead, and I was a lowly buck sergeant. Lotsa people knew it when the Chimp started rattling his sabre. How the fuck did you get to be a general and how many troops did you lose thanks to your stupidity? Moron.


Another moron on Wolfie, Sen. John Warner (R-Huh?) on 'redeployment' of U.S. forces in Iraq.

The Iraqis should have the primary responsibility of putting down the insurgency.

Another clueless fool who doesn't grasp the situation on the ground. Read my lips, shithead. There are no Iraqi units capable of operating on their own. Remember how Vietnam ended, you twit? We threw away 58,000 American lives for nothing and you seem bent on doing it again.

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