Thursday, March 16, 2006

Daddy's fucked it up so bad Mommy may not be able to fix it...

Good metaphorical rant at Clusterfuck Nation.

My own guess is that actual conditions in the household may be too far gone for even Mommy to set things right. Our situation with oil and natural gas are much more dire than the kid's realize. Dad's investments were idiotic and his portfolio is shredded. Not only is the house about to be repossessed, but the car and the home theater will be going with it. The bad 'hoods around the world are set to explode. The kids are going to have to grow up fast. Some will just go feral. Some will become Mommies and Daddies themselves, and they will try to form new households with the remnants of the old one. Maybe they can cobble together something like an American common culture out of whatever's left, and recreate some organizing principles for a family life that make sense.

Kunstler likens our nation to the Cleavers. Does that make Cheney Eddie Haskell and Rumsfeld Lumpy?

I wish he'd used the Nelsons. I wanta be Ricky.

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