Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No choice at all

Sirotablog has this:

Election '06: GOP Culture of Corruption vs. Dems Culture of Weakness

The American Heritage Dictionary describes the term "weak" as "lacking firmness of character or strength of will, lacking aptitude or skill, lacking the ability to function normally or fully or lacking authority or the power to govern." Incredibly, even with President Bush at an alltime low, we are watching the Democratic Party in Washington fulfill all these definitions and more.

The question, then, of the 2006 election is really simple: will voters support the GOP's culture of corruption, or will they support Democrats culture of weakness? Because that's exactly what this election is really going to be about. Democrats will air lots of commercials hammering the GOP for the corruption scandals, and the GOP will air lots of commercials hammering Democrats for having no positions at all on major issues. You can already see their strategy - just look at how House Speaker Denny Hastert recently aired this message loud and clear.

Frankly, that's an awful comparison for Democrats. People certainly hate corruption, but polls show most believe both parties are corrupt. And people would likely rather have a corrupt party running the show, then one that is so weak, so indecisive, and so needlessly frightened of its own shadow that it can't take the most basic stands. And unless Democrats start turning this around, all their righteous, and well-grounded indignation at the GOP scandals will sound like whining and crying - not an effective call to remove the GOP from power.

"GOP Culture of Corruption" link (Jeez, how d'ya choose from that list?) goes to Americablog about Nortwist, whom I'd love to go quail hunting with. 'Nuff said.

"Dems Culture of Weakness" link (Jeez, how d'ya choose from that list?) goes to HuffPo:

In the face of this brazen unconstitutional power grab by a wildly unpopular president -- what do the Democrats do? Cower! It is hard not be repulsed by them.

The only prominent politicians I have any respect left for now are the four horsemen of the Democratic Party -- Al Gore, Russ Feingold, Howard Dean and Jack Murtha. They must rebuild this party from the ground up.

The cowards who run it now are more afraid of their own shadows, and the shadow of Fox News Channel, to ever stand up for the people who voted for them in the first place. The whole country is waiting for you stand up to these bullies. Will you, for the love of God and country, do it already?!

Two out of three of these posts are good. Fuck Norquist. I just put that there for reference. Go read.

There's no choice whatsoever in Election '06.

We can deal with weakness. We can't deal with Republicans.

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