Monday, March 13, 2006

A Political Act

From BuzzFlash:

On March 8, BuzzFlash ran an interview with Al Franken. The interview included this exchange:

BuzzFlash: You must be ecstatic that you didn't do an interview for the film "The Aristocrats." Are you familiar with the film?

Al Franken: I am. But I haven't worked up my "aristocrat." I suppose if I'd been asked to, I would have worked one up.

BuzzFlash: After you get elected, maybe you'll have to come up with the Senate version.

Al Franken: On the floor of the Senate - tell the aristocrat joke. I'd be the first senator to do that.

The problem with this is that if he actually told The Aristocrats joke on the Senate floor, he'd be escorted off in handcuffs and probably recalled in a landslide. Which is a shame, because it could go down in history as the only filibuster anyone actually listened to.

With that in mind, I humbly offer my take on this timeless joke:

The rest is Below the Fold.

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