Thursday, March 9, 2006

Dear Repubs

At Huffpo:


Anyway, the reason I'm writing is, I want to ask, Are you all scumbags? Are you all only interested in your personal wealth, political power, and foisting your idiotic form of fundamentalist Christianity on others? By whatever combination of lies, manipulation, intimidation, deceit, and hypocrisy is necessary?

Surely not. Sheer statistical probability alone requires that there be some of you who are not scumbags. For those who aren't, then, I have several questions:


I had that thought this morning as I watched the sun rise over the East River. I don't care what anybody says, New York has the most beautiful skyline of any city in the world.

For all those interested, mama's doing fine. We're hoping to have her home either tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks again for all the good wishes, prayers, and kind words.

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