Friday, March 10, 2006

On message

I hear guys saying the Dems don't have a message, like my link to Matt Stoller's post this morning.


Yes, it's that bad. I've been told that the way to gain power in the Democratic caucus is to get elected, and then this is key, to not die. That's how you become a committee leader. And apparently to become leader you promise not to rock the boat and make sure that every gets their precious little committee assignment, regardless of merit. Listen to this pathetic podcast by Representaive Frank Pallone, who jokes about what a bad job he's doing as the Democratic member in charge of 'message'. Yes, in fact that's his job as the Communications Chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee, where he "coordinates the party's message on the floor of the House of Representatives."


And then guys like Bill Press who get all incensed and proceed to lay out the Dem agenda:


Looking at mid-term elections of 2006, political reporters are incapable of writing about all the monumental screw-ups of George Bush and Republicans, without immediately adding: Yeah, but Democrats are worse.


Look, they might have a plan and an agenda. They might even have a message. But it's not the correct message. This is what should be beaten like a rented mule until Election Day:

The Republican Party is an organized criminal enterprise.

That's it. Simple. One coordinated message that comes out of every Dem pie hole whenever they're in front of a camera. I don't have to give examples, pick a couple from the big pile. DeLay, Abramoff, Cunningham, Halliburton, Iraq, New Orleans and tie 'em all together with the money they've stolen from the treasury and their constituents. That's the message.

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