Thursday, March 9, 2006

Godly men

It's a hot day on Indiantown's Brady Ranch. And pastor Doug Giles has his hands on a gun. A wiry man in fatigues and a crumpled cowboy hat, he crouches between two fat oak trees. Then he locks his sight on a 500-pound nilgai antelope and pulls the trigger.

The bullet hits with a force so fierce that the animal sails four feet into the air. Then for a moment it regains its footing and tries to scramble away. But a shattered front leg flops like a jelly-filled sack. When the minister fires again, the antelope tumbles to the ground.

Giles sells a video of the hunt after Sunday services at his Aventura Clash Christian Church ...

And explain to me how Jesus would justify this? Shouldn't a 'pastor' be somewhat non-violent? This is as bad as going to the Far East to fuck children. Killing animals (or anything else) for no reason other than to mount their heads on a wall is unconscionable to me. Ladies and gentlemen, all life is precious and the sooner we realize that, the better off we'll be.

And before all you hunters crawl up my ass, I'm not talking about actual 'hunting season', culling the herd hunting. We have a deer hunt here on Fire Island because they have no natural predators and they'd overrun everything. I understand that. I'm talking about the Cheney-type clowns who go to farms here and in other countries to kill shit for no reason other than the animal's features make a nice 'trophy'.

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