Thursday, March 9, 2006

Sark Drops Feudalism for Democracy

This is positively HUGE! Drop whatever you're doing and run to My Way News!

LONDON (AP) - There are no cars, roads or dentists and the only ambulance is a converted tractor, but Sark - a tiny self-governing island in the English Channel - embraced the modern world Wednesday, when legislators voted to swap its feudal government for democracy.

After around 450 years of rule almost exclusively by landowners, the smallest independent state in the British commonwealth will allow each of the 600 residents to stand for election.

"It is an enormous leap, a bigger leap than we had wanted. The island was hoping to reform through evolution, not revolution."

Despite the move to embrace modernity, the island retains some unusual laws. Only the head of state - the Seigneur - has the right to keep pigeons or an unspayed female dog.

The use of tractors - the only mechanized transport on the island - is also strictly regulated, with only one passenger per vehicle allowed - except up and down the 300-foot high Harbour Hill.

Actually, I once saw a photo of the Dame of Sark with her motorized invalid carriage. She was tearin' up the roads. That was during the Nazi occupation.

I hope their revolution doesn't give 'em a nosebleed in the wake of their headlong rush into the 18th century.

Be sure to click on the link. It's a lovely place.

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