Monday, July 24, 2006

Still haunting us ...

I got a buddy who's dealing with this in the local VA as we speak. He's been in and out with lung problems since he got home.

A report to be released this week is expected to say that Vietnam war veterans exposed to Agent Orange and other herbicides might have damaged their DNA.

The Sunday-Star Times reported today that the report has researched the DNA of 25 Vietnam veterans and is expected to conclude that the veterans have suffered long-term genetic damage as a result of their exposure to environmental toxins in the war.


I believe we're gonna have a problem with chronic illnesses from the depleted uranium in the antitank and armor piercing ordnance we, and the Israelis, are using in the Middle East. Hopefully the government will have a better response than they did when the Agent Orange allegations came out.

Tip o' the Brain to Cookie Jill.

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