Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ya Know,sometimes it's just beyond my comprehension...

And to be honest,I've come to the place where I am GLAD I don't understand what motivates people to do things like this.I don't want to understand this shit anymore,I want to work to STOP it.

I've dealt with mild harassment for being a liberal surrounded by conservatives,I can only imagine the crap I'd have to deal with if I ran for any office here.

If I find a horse head in my pool,it's going in the front yard with a big ass sign on it saying:

THIS is what conservatives do to their fellow Americans and neighbors who disagree with them.One of your neighbors put this in my pool.Where my son and his friends swim.Think about it.

Not to mention the person who did this had to cut off a horse's head in the first place.Which all by itself is sick enough.Yeah,and I'm unhinged? Umm,no.

One good thing for me has sprung from this kind of "compassionate conservatism". Never again will I feel that something is wrong with me or that I'm not witty and smart. I may not be pretty,popular,or win the Nobel Prize or a membership into MENSA,but I'm refreshingly and fabulously NORMAL and SANE.

P.S. David Neiwert should get a Pulitzer for his work on right wing hatred and how it makes it's way into becoming acceptable. If you don't keep up with his blog,you should try to squeeze it into your daily blog rounds now and then.

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