Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What is it?

About Jesus freaks and sex? I mean, I can understand if they don't condone homosexualty, or masturbation, or actually enjoying the act purely for the pleasure, but why must they try to legislate those of us who do?

I don't care what they do, or don't. But Jeez, you would think none of them ever had good sex before. But that's not my point. My point is that if you only have sex for procreation purposes, how do you become a good lover? It's like everything else, the more you practice at something, the better you get.

I've also found (speaking purely through personal anecdote) that relationships are better if the sex is good. If you're in tune with your lover's body (basically being aware what makes them curl their toes and make those noises), you get more in tune with their emotions when you're not in the bedroom, or whatever room you like to do it in.

And let me explain I'm talking more about the quality of the sex rather than the quantity, and not the kinds of acrobatics you do either. I'm talking about the way you tune into each other, the way you know how a certain touch in the right places will elicit certain reactions. The way you both say, 'I'm Gumby, dammit' afterward, when both of you are sated from the full effect. Sex is a wonderful form of communication in its purest form.

Now don't rush to click the comment link to say, 'Well, Fixer, you know how tight-assed they are, and they want to control our lives because they're afraid homosexuality might be contagious, or actually enjoying yourself with someone you want to give pleasure to and get in return is against God's will', I say this: Why did God give us the capacity to derive pleasure from the act itself? Why did God give us the opportunity to feel good if he didn't want us to in the first place? In all the years of building hotrods, I've never intentionally built a function into a car I didn't want it to have, and I'm nowhere near as talented an engineer as the 'man upstairs' (although Mrs. F says I have a God complex). Are we saying God made a mistake? I thought we were the fallible ones?

I mean, if it's as the Jesus freaks say, where sex should only be performed in pursuit of procreation, why didn't God make the act of conception the pleasurable experience as opposed to the orgasm? It makes sense to me. If sex were to be for the purely mechanical act of producing children, why doesn't the woman achieve orgasm when sperm fertilizes egg? Why give us the sensory organs at all? And why in Hell did he give us the urge to jerk off? Why not preprogram us to fuck at certain times of the year and only with our own [should have been 'the opposite'] sex?

As a writer, I know about building worlds. My stories take place in a world I've built over a dozen years. My characters display personalities I gave them and act according to the rules I've assigned to my world and to their individual personalities. Why would God create a world that didn't follow his rules? Seems like a lot of undue hassle to me. If you're the Almighty, why not build it right the first time? Personally, I think He did and it's us who've fucked it up.

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