Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spicewood Seven CD

From PRWeb comes info on an album of anti-Bush, anti-war protest songs:

Spicewood Seven Americana protest CD "makes Steve Earle look like a milquetoast" (All Music Guide).

"Kakistocracy" (rhymes with "democracy" -- means government by the most corrupt and incompetent)is an Americana CD that surveys an America gone wrong.

But instead of pointing fingers, the CD includes a cycle of songs which are slices of life -- sometimes sly and satirical, sometimes blunt as the muzzle of an M-16. The cast of characters range from Iraq War grunts more interested in staying alive than promoting democracy -- to trailer trash-talking mamas getting jacked up on the home front.

Ooh! I like "trailer trash-talkin' mamas"! Especially "jacked-up" ones, although I do wish they'd get a spare bathtub to mix up the crank...(Just kiddin', OWL!)

The CD has garnered rave-reviews for its no-punches-pulled approach -- think Stephen Colbert in a cowboy hat. While the songs are anti-Iraq War and anti-Bush, they move beyond ad hominem attacks to take aim at the moral fog of an America that gave rise to W and his War.

Stewart Mason of All Music Guide writes: "just the sight of (Kakistocracy) will make the average Fox News viewer's head explode, but for all of those who have been complaining that there's no protest music coming in response to this war like there was to Vietnam...well, here it is." summarizes: "the angry populist message of Kakistocracy: We're being played for fools by fools -- and we want to know why."

Kathy Coleman of raves: "All in all, when it comes to making music, I have to give these guys two thumbs up -- when it comes to speaking up about what's wrong, I don't have enough thumbs to give."

More info at Spicewood Seven.

Listen and/or download tunes here. I'm old-fashioned enough that I'll probably just go buy a copy.

This is good stuff, folks.

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