Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well this is a fine how do you do

Iraq for Sale,the film by Robert Greenwald,is now up online so you can watch it for free. I encourage you to buy the DVD though,and try to get as many people as you can to see it in the next couple of weeks,and beyond. It really needs to be on the TeeVee,yeah,that'll happen,HA.

I decided to try to find venues here that will allow me to hold screenings. My first thought was the public library system. Your mileage will vary on this,but here in the'burbs,appearantly there are now forms to be submitted before deadlines and your use of the multi purpose rooms has to be approved by a board at the county's main library. This is new,a few years back,when this library was new,I used their rooms more than once for various things,including a kid's birthday party/story time thing. The library manager knew when the rooms were free and put you on a list with your name,phone number,function/group,the date and time. And you could put a notice on the board at the library entrance if you wanted. So,I submit my application and today I find out it will be March at the earliest before I can have a turn. Ok fine,there are other venues,I've got a long list of possibilities. But I patronize this library regularly,and I have rarely seen a room in use except for the library's own kiddie story/film times. Sometimes you'll see people using the little rooms for paperwork,homework,etc,but the media rooms have always been empty,even in the after work hours with rare exceptions. It's just weird you have to jump through all these hoops when you didn't used to have to.

Anyway,I'm back to the phones. See this film damnit,it's very good. Support the Troops takes on a whole new meaning after seeing this film. Republicans should be duct taped to chairs and made to see it.(and no,I'm not advocating duct taping conservatives to chairs,ok,maybe just for a little bit,heh. Hey,it's only a 75 minute documentary,you can let 'em go once the credits roll. I'm kidding,seriously,sort of)

I just had a thought too,if you can find a venue to show the movie,a small fee at the door could be collected and the money sent to Operation Helmet,or some other group that really does support the troops directly. Might as well multi-task if possible. It also might be a good PR thing to get people to come see the film.

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