Friday, January 19, 2007

Americans dislike Bush more than Cheney...

TPM Cafe

This has to be a milestone: A new poll has found that the American people dislike President Bush more than they dislike ... Dick Cheney. The poll - by Fox News, of all people - finds that President Bush's unfavorable rating is 58%, while Cheney's unpopularity rating is five points lower at 53%. Bush can, however, still take some small solace from the fact that his approval rating is one point higher than Cheney's; the President's is 38%, while the VP's is 37%.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of other numbers that are striking for a Fox poll: Only 39% of Americans view the GOP favorably, and 49% view them unfavorably. Meanwhile, a majority of respondents - 51% - have a favorable view of Dems, compared to only 35% who have an unfavorable view of what Fox likes to call the "Democrat Party."

I just took a poll right here and they all came out exactly equal. The favorability rating for Bush, Cheney, POX News, the Repuglicans and everybody who likes them, came up 0% - zip-point-zilch, nada, bupkis. Take your own.

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