Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Swift boating Scott Ritter

You remember Scott Ritter, the Marine-turned-arms inspector? You remember how he was running around with his hair on fire before the Iraq War and subsequent occupation, saying that Saddam didn't have WMDs? Glenn Greenwald looks at how everybody demonized him, Dem and Rethug alike, and the press dutifully following along:


Ritter's extremely prescient warnings were all but ignored in the mainstream American press, except when television panels were convened to smear his character and attack his credibility.

On January 26, 2003, Wolf Blitzer held a panel discussion on CNN to discuss Ritter's war opposition. Ritter was not present, but Peter Beinert, the pro-war Editor of The New Republic, and Jonah Goldberg, the pro-war pundit from National Review, were invited to urge the invasion of Iraq, mock Ritter's anti-war arguments, and smear him with a series of personal attacks.


Ritter was 'righter' than anybody from the get go and the spineless Dems and 'news' media never gave his views any objective thought, going out of their way to show him as a traitor. They were all engorged, waving it around after 9/11, seeing Bush as the 'Great Warrior'. Heh ... there's a laugh. All the 'adults' and 'manly men' who'd never stared into the business end of an enemy rifle wanting it as badly as that new red Corvette in the dealership window. Yeah, thanks for thinking with the wrong head, you assholes. 4 years on, your flaccid little pricks still ain't any bigger and we're 3000 lives in the hole with a half-trillion bucks up in smoke.

You know, I'd love to draft all these guys who 'fight with their keyboards' and make them public information officers at the company level in Iraq. If they manage to keep their heads, literally and figuratively, I wonder if they'd still be parroting Rethug and WH talking points? And why aren't these assholes in Iraq anyway? The war is going badly, the Army and Marines need more volunteers. If they believe in it so much, now's the time to trade keyboard for rifle. Aren't you patriots? Your country needs you to keep up morale over there and remind the troops what they're fighting for. 4 years on, what are we fighting for anyway?

I'm sure the families of the dead thank you for your commitment to the cause.

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