Monday, January 15, 2007

Describing Lieberman

I think Michael Stickings says it best:

... Joe Lieberman has proven himself to be a dangerous idiot who thinks Bush is a great leader, cozies up to McCain and the neocons, plays the 9/11 card in defence of the Iraq War, and uses his children and grandchildren as gratuitous props in his outrageous fearmongering ...

Joe is only out for Joe and he's cast his lot with the Neocons. It was nice to see Chuck Hagel hand him his ass yesterday, but it's sorta sad a Dem couldn't have done it before Election Day. A shame Dems were conflicted over supporting their own party's candidate or spoiled, whiny Lieberman. Well, you got what you wished for. Now Joe can openly support the Chimp, undercut the Dems on national TV, and there's nothing you can do because you're afraid he'll jump ship to the Rethugs (as if he hasn't already).

Dear Dem leadership,

Ned Lamont wouldn't be parroting WH talking points on Timmeh's show. Good thing all you senators are "good friends" (right, Mr. Dodd?) and have that "collegial relationship". It's time you stopped kissing Joe's ass and call a spade a spade. Like Michael says, he's a "dangerous idiot".

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