Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"Crazy Train"

The Progressive Daily Beacon on 'Crazy Train' McCain:

There is nothing good about having to watch a man become completely dissociated from reality and seeing it take place in such a public forum is even less pleasant. Still, Mister McCain's goal is to be the leader of the United States and to wield all the power that comes with the position. When a nation possesses such massive power it has a moral obligation to prevent crazy people -- regardless of how and when their psychosis was triggered -- from ascending to the position of Commander-in-Chief. If George W. Bush has taught us anything, he's taught us that very painful lesson.

Frankly, John 'Crazy Train' McCain's psychosis isn't funny anymore and that is no 'April Fools' joke! Both his and Mister Bush's constant begging, "Please, give the war one more chance...just one more chance...it'll succeed. Really, this time'll be different...it'll work.... This time we'll win," is beginning to sound exactly like the psychotic ramblings of an addict trying to convince his wife not to leave: "Please, I'll be better this time...just one more chance...I'll quit. Really, this time'll be different...."

And there is nothing funny about that!

I don't think McCain even believes the things he says about Iraq. The pained expression on his face when he talks about it is not one of a true believer. I think he realizes that he's hooked his wagon to the wrong star and it's burning out, but it's too late for him to flip-flop. What brick wall? Full speed ahead!

I don't care much for flip-flopper Romney either, but the fact that he's raised more campaign cash thus far than either Julieannie or Crazy Train shows that the Repugs are going with the lesser of three evils at the moment.

Because of the dearth of plausible candidates, there are other Repugs waiting in the wings for their big chance at the Gold Ring. We don't need another Southerner, and we fer goddam sure don't need another actor.

All in all, I'm very happy with the Repug lineup just as it is. A buncha losers. That's a good thing.

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