Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Divine Wind Bloody 'Ell!

I got punk'd big time on April Fool's Day, but since it's over it couldn't possibly happen again (chortle!) so I'm as fearless as always, but I don't know quite what to make of this:

RAF Top Guns were stunned last night after being asked to think of being Kamikaze pilots in the war on terror.

Elite fliers were shocked into silence when a senior RAF chief said they should consider suicide missions as a last resort against terrorist targets.

Last night pilots slammed the suggestion as "utter madness". One - summing up a flabbergasted "After you, Sir" reaction - said: "I'm prepared to give it a go but only if the Air Vice Marshal shows me how to do it first."

Yes, leadership is definitely called for here!

The officer, based in the Air Command bunker at High Wycombe, Bucks, gave an example of the sacrifice to be expected from a wartime Spitfire pilot if his guns had jammed and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was in a car below.

Another said: "Imagine, as you are floating skyward towards the pearly gates having parked your jet in the desert at 500 knots, that intelligence had it wrong and that the bloke driving the car was actually a plumber taking his children to school?

"Imagine trying to fly your fast pointy thing at an evading car. The bloke driving only has to swerve at the last minute and it's Goodnight Vienna, mission failed."

Brit Intel get it wrong? Never happen! (re-chortle!)

I do see some value in diving a bomb-laden fighter plane into the deck of a terrorist aircraft carrier however.

Maybe I should try to get in a shorter check-out line so I wouldn't have time to read this kinda stuff...

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