Tuesday, April 3, 2007

McCain: "It's safer for me in Baghdad than in the U.S.!"

The inimitable Don Davis:

GOP Presidential contender John McCain, having survived his heavily guarded "walking tour" in Baghdad, declared that it's "much safer for me over there, than over here."

McCain, traveling through New Hampshire in an armed Humvee, instead of his trademark Straight-Talk Express, acknowledged that he has managed to royally piss off both the Left and the Right in this country, thus making him feel safer in a war zone filled with IEDs and mortar attacks.

McCain also held out the possibility that if he's denied the GOP nomination, he may actually seek the highest office in Iraq: "At least there, people seem to agree with my policies of a senseless war without end."

"And I just might ask Lieberman to be my running mate," McCain added. "Even though he's Jewish, I'm confident the good people of Iraq will overlook that fact, as long as he helps them continue their ancient rivalry for another millennium."

A McCain/Lieberman ticket for Iraq? I'm down wit dat!

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