Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bush's farewell tantrum

Rocky Mountain News

In the end, President Bush's failure to heed the will of the people isn't so much an act of principle, but rather an outburst of sheer peevishness. With Democrats in control of Congress, he's no longer getting a blank check to fund his military adventures. He finds this frustrating, so he's stamping his foot, covering his ears, and taking his party down with him.

All this is exactly what one would expect in the way of a political farewell gesture from a spoiled rich kid who never grew up. Future generations of historians will note George W. Bush made a mess of every real job he ever had - and, unfortunately for America, the presidency of the United States proved to be no exception.

He's just gonna take his football and go home and cry, and leave the rest of us to clean up after the mess he's made. His whole life has prepared him for failure, and he's succeeded at it as bigtime as he ever could have. The biggest failure in American history will definitely get him in the record book. Not the way he wants, but the way he deserves.

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