Friday, July 20, 2007

All the President’s Enablers

Paul Krugman, and also worth a click to see "Neocon Gold". No, Fixer, it ain't some kinda weed that weirds ya out...

In a coordinated public relations offensive, the White House is using reliably friendly pundits - amazingly, they still exist - to put out the word that President Bush is as upbeat and confident as ever. It might even be true.

What I don't understand is why we're supposed to consider Mr. Bush's continuing confidence a good thing.

Now Iraq is a bloody quagmire, Afghanistan is deteriorating and the Bush administration’s own National Intelligence Estimate admits, in effect, that thanks to Mr. Bush's poor leadership America is losing the struggle with Al Qaeda. Yet Mr. Bush remains confident.

It's not as much 'confidence' as it is denial and willful ignorance. Besides, since The Dick and God made him do it, it's impossible for everything, I say again every thing, he's done to be the biggest, costliest mistake in American history. It's not a mistake. He did it on purpose.

Yet while Mr. Bush no longer has many true believers, he still has plenty of enablers - people who understand the folly of his actions, but refuse to do anything to stop him.

That's kinda the mystery here - Bush is flat fuckin' wreckin' the joint and everybody stands on the sidelines wringin' their hands. Or actually applauding. That's not the way to stop him.

You can't stop the bastard with laws. He laughs at laws, holds them in contempt, has asserted that he is above them. And Congress still thinks they can use procedure and law to thwart him.

Bush and Cheney need to be physically restrained. Physically, as in forcibly remove them to a place of confinement where they can do no more harm, like on Law and Order. It's called "arrest". Then, and only then, can the law be used against them.

You know, at this point I think we need to stop blaming Mr. Bush for the mess we're in. He is what he always was, and everyone except a hard core of equally delusional loyalists knows it.

Yet Mr. Bush keeps doing damage because many people who understand how his folly is endangering the nation's security still refuse, out of political caution and careerism, to do anything about it.

I rarely disagree with Mr. Krugman, but of course we can blame Bush. No matter who advised him or how wrong-headed his approach or who helped him, he did it. There's plenty of blame to go around in this deal, of course. Congress and others have enabled these bastards to commit their crimes and destroy the Constitution, and even though it's happening openly and blatantly right in front of their eyes, they refuse to do what's necessary - in cowboy parlance "dab a loop on 'em".

Saddle up, boys. They got a head start, and yer gonna haveta ride hard, head 'em off and round 'em up. Do it near a tree for convenience' sake.

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