Friday, July 20, 2007

Hey, W! Bin Laden (Still) Determined to Strike in U.S.


Squirming White House officials had to confront the fact yesterday that everything President Bush has been spouting the last six years about Al Qaeda being on the run, disrupted and weakened was just guff.

The administration's most thorough intelligence assessment since 9/11 is stark and dark. Two pages add up to one message: The Bushies blew it. Al Qaeda has exploded into a worldwide state of mind. Because of what’s going on with Iraq and Iran, Hezbollah may now "be more likely to consider" attacking us. Al Qaeda will try to "put operatives here" - (some news reports say a cell from Pakistan already is en route or has arrived) - and "acquire and employ chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear material in attacks."

W. swaggers about with his cowboy boots and gunslinger stance. But when talking about Waziristan last February, he explained that it was hard to round up the Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders there because: "This is wild country; this is wilder than the Wild West."

Yes, they shoot with real bullets up there, and they fly into buildings with real planes.

If W. were a real cowboy, instead of somebody who just plays one on TV, he would have cleaned up Dodge by now.

The Chimp's idea of "cleanin' up Dodge" is to clear the brush and the Hell with what's goin' on in the back room of the Long Branch. Besides, those fellows who are runnin' the crooked gambling and sex trade are no doubt on his payroll.

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