Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bill Moyers Puts Impeachment On the Media Table

A BuzzFlash guest contribution by Dave Lindorff. A quick summation of Bill Moyers' show on Impeachment of Bush and Cheney last Friday night.

Bill Moyers has put impeachment in the news and, in the process, shaming both the national media and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Congressional leadership.

In his program, Bill Moyers Journal, Moyers and guests John Nichols, the Nation's Washington correspondent and author of The Genius of Impeachment and Bruce Fein, a former attorney in the Ronald Reagan Department of Justice, made it clear that the Bush/Cheney administration has gravely threatened the Constitution and the survival of tripartite, divided government.

Despite this one shortcoming, Moyers' program is a public shaming of the tawdry and shameless corporate media, which has ignored the exploding impeachment movement blossoming across the nation, pretending that it doesn't even exist, or that it is the province of a few leftist wackos.

It will be interesting to see what impact the powerful Moyers program has on the growing movement for impeachment, on how it is reported, and on the response in Congress.

While not watched by too many ordinary Americans, the program is influential among professional journalists and editors, and among liberals and progressives, who will be increasing their pressure on Democratic leaders to act.

Pelosi's efforts to block impeachment and keep it "off the table" will continue to look more and more pitiful and self-serving.

The Corporate Media is pretty good at ignoring stuff it doesn't like. The "I-word" movement has to get so big they can't ignore it. Same goes for Ms. Pelosi.

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