Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"...textbook denial of reality."

p m carpenter on Bill "Monkeys have taken over my keyboard and they're flying out my ass too!" Kristol's wretched cry for help:

[...] The poor man has enjoyed a rest from reality for some time now, but whoever still loves him should seek court-ordered observation. For his sad condition is peaking, with the acute now mercilessly peppering the chronic.

It was that bit of complete disconnect that made me realize Bill Kristol's train has forever left Sanity Depot. He has surpassed the "Go" of mere spin and entered that strange and self-destructive realm of utter fantasy. He's mad, I tell you -- quite mad.

Ridicule, Mr. Kristol? I think not. Perhaps a large vial of Thorazine.

Does Thorazine come in 5 gallon buckets? A coupla those oughta do it.

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