Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wanna go?

Mrs. F just booked a cruise for October 2008 (Yes, we'll be back before the elections). It's the same one (sort of; no Azores and one city in Spain is different) we did last year from Rome to New York. We figured we'd let you know now and if anybody wants to join us, there's enough time to make arrangements.

Of course we'll be cruising with Holland America Line, aboard our old friend MS Noordam.

I've added links to my travelogue from last year below and you can get the cruise itinerary and booking details here if you're interested.

Transatlantic: Rome - NYC September 2006


Blog who?



Making steam

Bottled Lightning

Naval Grafitti

Proud to be an American

Porta Delgado and Horta

Email me if you have any questions. Not that I make anything from it, but we book all our cruises through

And just to be clear, I'm not leading a group thing like the conservatives do. This is my vacation. I'm willing to share my cruise expertise as well as my experience in Europe (as well as libations at the bar, heh ...) but I ain't no tour guide (or nursemaid and hand-holder). The reason I'm putting this out here is because it's a great trip and I'm giving folks the heads up. It's cheaper if you book ahead.

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