Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why are Americans such pussies?

I stole this in toto from Amato because I think my fellow Americans can learn something.

BBC is remarking on how calm the public was during the ‘car bomb’ attack on the Glasgow airport, how little panic or ‘terror’ there was - mostly just people whipping out their mobile phone cameras and filming everything in sight.

Arrests made on the M6 motorway in Cheshire last night as well. People got out of cars and offered to HELP the police.

Glasgow Airport is back up and running, passengers being interviewed coming off planes have said things are running smoothly, no problems. A bit of a hassle walking around the cordoned off bits of the airport, but no one’s complaining. Lots of smiling faces.

It’s almost psychology in reverse - the more fanatics try to terrorise the British, the more the British refuse to be terrorised. We’re more worried about the goddamned rain at the moment.
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Too bad our citizens scare so easily and allow themselves to be manipulated by people who never looked into the business end of an enemy rifle and probably would shit themselves, drop into the fetus position, and start sucking their thumbs and drooling if they did.

I'm tired of people saying the Republicans are strong on national security. They're just a bunch of draft-dodging pussies. I'll give 'em credit; they talk a good line but when push comes to shove, they're the biggest cowards I've ever seen.

You doubt me? Answer me this then. Why did we attack Iraq who had no nuclear weapons, rather than blast that insane midget in North Korea* into atoms because he did? Right, cowards never pick a fight with anyone who can hurt them**.

*Aside from the fact North Korea has no oil.

**Addendum (Monday morning):

As with the case in Iraq, sometimes cowards misjudge the situation and get their ass handed to them.

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