Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cruella de Ramalamadingdong

Pensito Review expands on Fixer's post:

Is it possible there is a bottom to the depths of rightwing hackery? Probably not, but there is a rumor going around that Michelle Malkin, the rightwing pundit most likely to skin puppies to make a fur coat, has been fired as the occasional guest host for the Bill O’Reilly comedy hour on Fox News because of her vicious attack on 12-year-old Graeme Frost and his family.

And here is the rumor: A commenter at HuffPo, BryanFromPalpatine, added this delicious morsel of unsubstantiated gossip about Fox’s firing Malkin, whose maiden name is Maglalang:

A little birdie at NewsCorp tells me that this e-mail is a “beard” for the actual reason: more than a couple of the mucky-mucks at NewsCorp are a bit less than thrilled about the tales of Michelle [Malkin] Maglalang not only propagating the harassment of the Frost family but actually stalking them — and how quickly they spread from the dirty f$#@ing hippie side of the Intertubes to corpo… pardon, me, mainstream media.

Look for Ms. Maglalang’s total presence on FOX News to be further curtailed

Of course, if there is sufficient gloating on the left about Malkin’s fall from grace, Fox News chair Roger Ailes will probably give her a primetime show.

Apparently she was canned because advertisers dropped out over her rancid smear of young Mr. Frost. Rightly so.

FIXED'News' relies for its portion of Murdoch's income on a constant supply of revenue from hard-on pill and incontinence mopper-upper makers that cater to their viewers' needs and desires.

It's not the garbage they SAY, it's what advertisers will PAY. The Flip whore will get her own primetime show when they can find someone low enough to support it.

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