Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yeah, what's wrong with you people?



This is what Republicans call "solutions to problems:" all of you people who work in jobs that don't offer health insurance, and can't afford the ridiculously expensive private health care plans that are available, well, you need to get a job that provides health insurance for your whole family --- or don't have kids.


You know, I should ask my customers who have problems paying their bills (we work with folks when they have financial shit) if they're Republican or not. If they say they are, should I ask them why they don't have health insurance to pay for their kids' doctor bills so they can pay for their car repairs? If they are, shouldn't they have gotten a job that gives them family health benefits and enough of a salary allowing them to afford auto maintenance? Should I ask them to sell their $500 - $750,000 house to buy a new car or buy their own insurance?

I hear the Rethug candidates talking about which of them are real Republicans. They all are genuine article. None of 'em can tell the truth about anything and the only people they give a shit about are themselves and those who put big money in their pockets.

Speaking of auto repair, I'm late for work. Later ...

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