Thursday, October 18, 2007

Didn't take long ...

I can imagine what folks would do if they had to ration something like food or gasoline or electricity. This will get worse:

Imagine this: You catch your neighbor breaking the law, something minor, like watering the lawn when there's a water restriction or speeding in your neighborhood. Should you report your neighbor?


And when resources are scarce -- for example in the drought zone -- the more neighborly method of finger pointing can get out of hand. In Georgia, citations are delivered daily, as a result of neighbors telling on neighbors


Let me tell ya. If the 'Bush Economy' crashes hard a la 1929 (businesses folding on a large scale, 40% unemployment), people are gonna be killing each other in the street over basic conveniences.

And no, after 6 years of Bush, I have no faith in Americans taking the high road in any circumstance.

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