Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Law of The Dick

"Cheney's Law" airs tonight on PBS.

Seattle PI:

...what many think of as a frightening situation -- one illuminated over multiple episodes by "Frontline" producer and director Michael Kirk. "Cheney's Law," the "Frontline" season opener airing tonight at 9 on KCTS/9, is Kirk's and reporter Jim Gilmore's latest examination of Cheney's push to consolidate power in the executive branch. It also is the producer's 10th film examining the Bush administration's post-9/11 policies. Past work includes "The Torture Question," "Rumsfeld's War" and last year's look at Cheney's efforts to effectively disempower the intelligence community, "The Dark Side."

Cheney was only partway into formulating a plan to centralize power in the Oval Office, a three-decade effort that finally bore fruit in this administration. But he didn't have the ability to give his views a voice until he met Addington, a man who shared Cheney's vision and, better yet, could interpret it through a constitutional prism.

Neither could do anything until 9/11, an event journalist Ron Suskind succinctly called "a moment of preparation meeting opportunity."

Good article. Read.

I'm not going to miss this show. Neither am I going to miss the final film in the series, which will hopefully be very soon and titled "Hangin' Dick".

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