Tuesday, March 11, 2008

4AM Closing for Repug Convention Nixed

Raw Story

A Minnesota state senator (Linnda Scheid DFL MN-46 - G) has withdrawn a bill which would have extended drinking hours at local bars during the Republican National Convention next summer.

The legislation would have changed the closing time from 2 am to 4 am for bars in the seven-county Minneapolis-St. Paul area between Aug. 29 and Sep. 8.

Probably a clever idea to let the Repugs get themselves in even more trouble. Heh.

Take this from a guy who has more than once seen the Sun come up from a barstool because the bars in Nevada don't close: I'm glad it didn't pass.

Note to Repugs: Just start drinkin' earlier (before they get up!?). It'll have the same results, but the folks who deal with the shenanigans of late-night drunks won't have to stay up as late.

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