Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, since this is NY, all we've been hearing for the past few days are the sordid details about Gov. Spitzer's tryst with an expensive call girl. Since the girl's identity has become public, we've heard more about her than we really want to know. That said, I have a little advice for rich middle-aged men going through their 'crisis'.

If you just have to spend that much on a call girl, get your money's worth. Listen to me. A 'high-class' hooker isn't a 22 year old high school dropout with a prison tattoo. The real 'high-class' ladies are generally college-educated, if not more, can mingle with executives and CEOs, generals and diplomats, and none would be the wiser. They are not looking to promote their pop album or whatever their aspirations are. The real high class escort services are professional operations who seldom get caught.

I don't get paying for sex (for me, it wasn't so much 'the kill', but the thrill of the chase; paying for it takes all the fun out of it) to begin with (though I can see why a lot of Republicans can't get laid; it's tough when you're socially inept), but if you're the governor of New York, I'd expect you'd know enough to do it right. Spitzer was/is an idiot for throwing away his entire career for a bit of gratification at an exorbitant price and he's a fool for getting it in such an amateurish manner (arranging for sex on a website, please; you're the fucking governor). He should have known better.

When you have a beautiful wife and family, when you're the leader of one of the most powerful and influential states in the union, you don't do dumbass shit like this (you don't do it even if you're not the governor). He's hurt his family irreparably, he's hurt the state of New York, and he's hurt the Democratic Party in a crucial election year, all for a 22 year old piece of ass he could have had the equivalent of for the price of dinner and a movie. Maybe not even so much as there are girls (and guys) out there who've made a career out of sleeping with rich, powerful men discreetly.

With the judgment Spitzer showed in getting his jollies, the State of New York is better off without him. Thank god we had David Paterson on the bench.

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