Thursday, March 13, 2008

Letter from an old white lady

I just love this kinda shit! Pinko Magazine

Dear Hil,

What the fuck did I say?

I should have guessed something like this would happen. You know how those people are. You can’t say anything bad about them. They can say what ever they damn well please in their hippity-hop songs, but I say anything bad about one of them and 30 minutes later Al Sharpton has a fucking news conference. I’ll tell you one thing. Those people stick together. They’re worse than the fucking Jews!

And another thing, I’m pretty sure it was Obama that stole my car stereo last year. I didn’t get a good look at him, but I’d bet you if it wasn’t him, he knows the ones that did it! You should get on CNN and talk about that! Let see him talk his way out of that one! Bet you he can’t!

So yeah, what was I saying? Oh right. I am stepping down from your finance committee so I can speak for myself and you can continue to speak for yourself about what is at stake in this campaign. When that red phone rings we don’t need Jay Z answering it, or whatever. Fuck — was THAT racist? I only said it because Jay Z cut a radio ad for Barack. Not because I think he’s gay and would be banging Barack on the down-low. You didn’t hear that from me, though I assume Ed Rendell will bring it up. And that’s the kind of thing they would use against me. The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you. I won’t let that happen. Not in my back yard.

Sincerely yours,

Geraldine Anne Ferraro

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