Friday, March 14, 2008


Mr. Leonard Pierce on chickenshits. Namely, the Chickenshit-in-Chief:


This is the chickenhawk worldview at its absolute purest: a guy who ducked out on his chance to actually go and fight in the war sprouting a boner at the concept of other people fighting one, and rattling on about what an exciting, picaresque fantasy adventure it all must be.

Every living male in my family other than me has fought in a war - Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf or Iraq. None of them exactly regrets his service, and there’s a wide range of opinions among them about politics and the necessity of the various wars in which they fought. It’s not a homogeneous group by any means, with plenty of die-hard liberals and plenty of stone-ribbed conservatives. But not a fucking one of them in a million years would describe their wartime experiences as "romantic."


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