Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holy Crap!


We're starting the demolition in the coming week (once I get off my ass and order the dumpster) and we've been cleaning out cabinets in order to clear the construction area. Needless to say, since we've been in the house (12 years), we've been stashing important papers anywhere they'd fit, always giving the excuse "next year we'll get really organized".

Well, it's gotten to be overwhelming.

So, yesterday we went and got two nice file cabinets (chestnut color, to go with my office decor) and I spent the day putting them together. Today we're getting really organized.

Good. God. With all this paper, we've been living in a 3200 sq. ft. fire hazard. Anyway, that's my day today. Oy! See yas later.


I got 2 shredders going at once. I feel like I work in the Office of the Vice President. Heh ...

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