Monday, April 28, 2008

John McCain and Bush's torture powers

Glenn Greenwald*

There are two reasons, and two reasons only, that the Bush administration is able to claim this power: John McCain and the Military Commissions Act. In September, 2006, McCain made a melodramatic display -- with great media fanfare -- of insisting that the MCA require compliance with the Geneva Conventions for all detainees. But while the MCA purports to require that, it also vested sole and unchallenged discretion in the President to determine what does and does not constitute a violation of the Conventions. After parading around as the righteous opponent of torture, McCain nonetheless endorsed and voted for the MCA, almost single-handedly ensuring its passage. That law pretends to compel compliance with the Conventions, while simultaneously vesting the President with the power to violate them -- precisely the power that the President is invoking here to proclaim that we have the right to use these methods.

McCain will hate the 'gooks' forever for what they did to him. This time, thanks to him, we're the gooks.

*Re the Starbux ad I had to watch to enter Salon: $10 for 3lbs of good French Roast at Costco beats the crap outta $4 a cup.

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