Monday, April 28, 2008

Last resorts ...

No, it's not a travel post.

It's about how we make grave mistakes at the polls and then pray to a higher being to fix them. Instead of electing people who act to preserve the environment, we elect assholes who come up with catchy names like 'Clear Skies' and 'Healthy Forests' for legislation allowing their corporate cronies to rape Mother Nature, and then we pray for rain.

Instead of electing people who look out for the 'working folk', we elect assholes who can count CEOs of oil companies as their base, and then we pray for low gas prices. Idiots:

Come on, people. Instead of praying for lower gas prices, you need to v-o-t-e out all the Rethugs who rubber-stamped the current administration's policies and warmongering that got us here.


Maybe, if you'd all vote with your heads instead of your faith, we might not be paying double what we did last year for gas. Stop voting for the guy you want as a drinking or BBQ buddy (I certainly don't want the people I drink with running the country) and vote for the guy (or girl) who actually knows what they're doing.

To Barack and Hil supporters: Either of them is better than George Bush and John McCain.

To people who won't vote at all if one or the other wins the Dem nom: You'll be doing more damage to this nation than you realize.

To people who will vote for McCain if one or the other wins the Dem nom: You're fucking idiots and it's time to pull your head out your ass.

I'm tired of having to explain this every couple days, but it seems like every other day I run into a Hillary hater or someone who "ain't voting for no black guy". Hil, on her worst day, is head and shoulders above Bush and McCain and it's too early in the morning for me to get into a rant on racism.

Get with the fucking program and realize the future of our nation is at stake in this election. If you fuck it up this time, no amount of praying will help us.

Off to the shop. Yes, I'm leaving early, but I gotta pick up dad-in-law's car to service it and replace a side view mirror.

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