Friday, May 2, 2008

Put the book back in the guest bathroom, Georgie

OpEd News

News Flash: SMU Bush Presidential Library Rejection, passed 844-20

This rejection passed on Wednesday morning, 30-April-08, at the quadrennial General Conference of the United Methodist Church that is still meeting in Fort Worth, Texas.

This body is the highest authority of the denomination and cannot be over-ruled by any other body within the denomination.

To my darling Methodist wife: I am very proud of your people today for not wanting their school's good name sullied by association with the anti-Christ.

Note to the Chimp: Try Yale. Maybe you can get a 'legacy' library. They're 'elite' enough that all you have to do is give them money.


The story appears to not be true as pointed out by a really rude penguin. Looks like the SMU Methodists chickened out. They voted to hand it off to some bigger Methodists who probably won't dare diss Bush. Oh well.

A comment from the correcting article:

Why anyone affiliated with any Christian organization would want to be associated with this blight on American mores is beyond me.

Torture, invasion and the raping of our constitution shall forever be the earmarks of the Bush administration. A library? It should more approach a holocaust museum.

Or a dungeon.