Friday, April 11, 2008

It takes one to catch one

The other day, I called on the old hippies in Berzerkely to try and get John Yoo canned from UCB. Silly me, forgetting that demonstrations have to be so massive they slow the economy to a crawl to do any good, and Bush has already done that.

Some lawyers agree that Yoo should go:

A national lawyer's group is calling for former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo to be dismissed from his position at the University of California, Berkeley, Law School.

Yoo, who authored several controversial memos critics say authorized torture of suspected terrorists, is unfit to continue at the law school, know as Boalt Hall, according to the National Lawyers Guild.

"John Yoo's complicity in establishing the policy that led to the torture of prisoners constitutes a war crime under the US War Crimes Act," said National Lawyers Guild President Marjorie Cohn.

A press release from the Guild, which was founded in 1937 as a human rights bar organization, says Yoo's memos violate US law and establish an over-broad view of presidential powers.

I think it might stand a better chance of working if we set a lawyer to catch a lawyer, but I'd like to hear something out of the American Bar Association as a whole. Yoo's actions make the few lawyers with a conscience cringe at what this clown has done to the law with his Bush-serving memos.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has invited Yoo to testify about his preparation of the controversial memos.

I hope he shows up in the same condition I've been 'invited' to court a coupla times - orange clothes and stainless steel bling from wrists to ankles. Keeps ya humble.

Note to Conyers: Don't forget to have him bring his shredder basket. We want our Constitution back.

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