Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gord's eyeball, she all feexed now

Backstory here and here.

Went in at 6:15 this morning and got my cataract removed. The last thing I remember is the gas passer, a large friendly gentleman from Estonia, plugging something into my IV. Woke up in the recovery room with everything said and done. My doc, Jeff "Shakes" Camp said it went just fine. Home by 10AM.

A shoutout to all the gang at Sierra Eye & Optical and Tahoe Forest Hospital. Terrific folks.

I am voluntarily keeping my eye shut right now because it's still dilated and feeling a little irritated, which is understandable since it was sliced open and its innards hoovered out, but I can look through it and it already works ten times better. No eye patch, but they issued me some hollywoods to keep dust and shit out of it.

It's about like getting a new windshield put on your car. One you can see out of. Me happy.

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