Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mondegreen of the Day and More

Mrs. G was home for lunch and we were watching a pretty good group on Hardball discussing the Petraeus/Crocker turd-polishing session in terms of how solidly McCain has tethered himself to Bush policy on Iraq.

She said the following: "He's hooked his cart to the wrong horse."

Here's what I heard: "He's hooked his heart to the wrong whore."

They're both right, but I like mine best!

Senator Boxer asked Crocker something to the effect of, and I paraphrase from memory, "How come Ahmadinejad gives three days notice of his Iraq visit, got kisses and flowers, a parade down main street in an open car in broad daylight, and Bush has to sneak into Iraq like a thief in the night?"

Crocker stumbled all over himself without giving her much of an answer. She finally gave up. I think it's because the Iraqis know Bush started this whole deal but we're going to leave, be forced to leave perhaps, someday, but Iran will still be there.

Just as an aside, some protesters in the Senate room started acting up while she was asking her question. She hollered, "Hey, cool it!". They shut up, too. A Repug woulda called for security.

I love ya, Babs. If yer ever in town and lonely of an evening...

Senator Kennedy asked how come we're paying to reconstruct Iraq while Iraq is getting $Billions from oil and in fact has $30B in our banks, let alone how much in God knows where else. Crocker didn't give him much of an answer, but I can:

Because Bush is perfectly willing to impoverish the U.S. for generations by throwing borrowed money at his demented fantasy and the Iraqis are perfectly willing to let him. I don't blame them.

I hope Petraeus asks for multiple Friedman Units instead of just one at a time. It'll save him a lot of travel time.

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