Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gumbo Granny Blogs From the Bayou

This is heartwarming. We need a little of that. It's a quick read and you'll like it.


A blog called "the wounded bird," which originates from a town a half hour away from my "headquarters," here on the delta was a source for the link. How good could it possibly get? OfftheBus's gift from the Muse! Cajuns for Obama! Obama Zydeco! A gumbo Granny, bloggin' from the bayou, was a writer's dream come true, and she was a short drive away. Oui, On Peut!

Dissatisfaction with the Bush administration, as well as a developing realization that the mainstream media was not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, combined with the discovery of the infant blogosphere, changed her life.

"The last eight years, I have wanted France to buy Louisiana back," Mimi says, and you get the feeling she is not joking.

Oooh! Euros...

"Now for a little soul-baring. I am a wreck, and I will be a wreck until the election is over."

No shit, lady!

Then, watch out President Obama. Mimi made up her mind that you are a smart man and will take care of Louisiana, and she will most likely hold you to it.


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