Friday, October 31, 2008

This is why ...

The Dems piss me off:


One Democratic source said Lieberman is not likely to lose his position in the Democratic caucus, even if the party picks up several seats in next week's election... "There's no sense in cutting off our nose to spite our face," one source said.


Fuck Lieberman. He should be kicked to the curb and made to sit by himself in a corner of the Senate chamber. Better yet, make him sit with his butt buddies, the Republicans.

This asshole has done more to undermine the Dems over the past few years and now is not the time to let bygones be bygones. He chaired the committee that looked into Katrina abuses and mismanagement and didn't even hold a hearing. He's given too much cover to Rethugs to let him slide.

And just an addendum: I shouldn't have to explain this to the Dems but, and I'm making a big assumption that things will go well on Tuesday, now is the time to make people pay for what went on over the past 8 years, not "let bygones be bygones". It's time to exact a price for running this nation into the ground and Lieberman owes a lot.

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