Friday, February 20, 2009

Cheney and the Goat Devil


I was dubious about Will Ferrell doing his Bush impersonation one more time on Broadway.

As we lurch through the disasters bequeathed by W. — the economy tanking, 17,000 more troops going to Afghanistan, Chrysler pleading for a total of $9 billion — would audiences still laugh at Ferrell’s lovable fool of a president?

I was wrong. The audience for the Sunday matinee of “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush” howled in delight.

In the show, the former president dismisses waterboarding as a spa treatment at Bliss, and reveals that he did walk in on Cheney once in the basement of the White House locked in the amorous arms of a giant goat devil in a room full of pentagrams.

“He looked at me with solid silver glowing orb-like eyes, and his breath had a strong ammonia scent to it,” Ferrell’s W. said. “And he told me in a language that I knew in my heart hadn’t been spoken in a thousand years ‘Pariff Go Lanerff!’ And I just ran.”

In my opinion, there is nothing even remotely likable or sympathetic about that son of a bitch Bush. If he had stood on his own two feet like a man just for a few minutes, all the destruction we are suffering today could have been avoided. But nooooo...that would be too much like work, and would not have benefited the neocons and his family's friends.

I'm glad Ferrell's show is going over well. I don't have much use for him either.

I hope Bush ends up as sloppy seconds for Cheney's goat devil.

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