Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Duty calls...

Gotta go out and rearrange mass quantities of snow. For the fourth day in a row. A healthy outdoor activity, as my muscles keep telling me. Hasn't been too bad, as I've not been letting the snow build up too much on the driveway and I can put My Machine in a high gear and let 'er rip. Also, The Berm Fairy has been quite wonderful. I finally found out exactly who he is and that he is best thanked by buying him some berm-removal fuel, aka Heinekens.

The rigs have quite a bit of snow on them, but we're getting a coupla days break from the storms so I'll clear them too. We haven't been anywhere since Thursday and I gotta get to the store for supplies. Hopefully the non-snow-drivin'-fuck traffic hazards skiers have gone home. I gotta chance it - Mrs. G is out of her cinnamon vanilla coffee creamer. Oh the horror!

Here's a coupla tips for you folks in snow country. Get one of these, made locally and proving that 'necessity is the mother of invention'. The amount of snow on the car in the picture is not unusual around here, and that device beats the shit out of a scraper/brush, which is really a finishing tool.

Then, after ya knock enough snow off the rig so you can see out of it, take it someplace besides yer own driveway to knock off the rest. Don't go too far. The inside of the car will warm up, and the first time ya hit the brakes, all the snow on the roof'll be on your hood and windshield, which besides dangerously obstructing your vision, makes ya look like an idiot. I just go about 100 feet to a wide spot in the road, and sometimes there's a queue! That way, the town plow can take care of it and I don't have to. They'll probably plow it right back into my driveway anyway. I'll detail the snow off the car in Safeway's parking lot.

Then I'll go to the Post Office and get mail, just to clear out my PO box. No matter how bad the roads have been, the bills and junk mail always get through.

See yas later.


I think my snowthrower has a mechanical malfunction. The Dog Poop Finder seems to be out of synch with the Automatic Wind Direction Changer. I actually blew some dog poop away from me...

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