Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Crazy Svenska Redneck Music Blogging, O Yah!

Annica and The Countryneers won the category Pure Country in CountrySM 2008. Högfjällshotellet Sälen Sweden.

Country SM? Annica, call me. I'll come over and do some of whatever the Swedish version of that is with ya. I hope it don't involve female siblings (unless they're Annica's!), barbed wire, and cow pies like it does here. Once I've got ya in a good mood I'll 'splain why you Scandahoovians need to lose the slave flag.

This band only joined YouTube about yesterday. I'm all over 'em like a cheap suit! They list Dwight Yoakam as one of their influences. They play this tune a little like it but I wonder if they've ever even heard of Bakersfield.

Annica & The Countryneers ~ Playing Every Honky Tonk* In Town

*Must be the Swedish spelling. I usually spell it 'honkytonk'.

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